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Taiwan Cycling Festival


2017 Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride New Taipei City

2017 Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride New Taipei City
  • Activity Time February to September, 2017 Activity Ended
  • Location New Taipei City
  • Participate Domestic and overseas travelers and cycling enthusiasts are all welcome to join the event.
  • Organizer Sports Office, New Taipei City Government
  • Contact Sports Office, New Taipei City Government. +886-2-2998-1382 #603
  • Link Official Website

Regular Election Activities

We offer participants the chance to experience the suburban areas of New Taipei City on bicycles through a variety of recreational routes located in the city. This is the perfect occasion for recreational enthusiasts and family groups who love cycling to soak in the diverse styles of New Taipei City while gaining the benefits of leisure cycling to both mental and physical health.

Ride the Route

The ten selective bikeways and cycle paths
(1) Huajiang Wetlands and Migratory Bird Cycle
(2) Danshui Cherry Road Joyride
(3) Northeast Coast Tunnel Cycle
(4) Sanying Ceramic Joyride Cycle
(5) Pinglin Eco-Treasure Experience Joyride
(6) Shuangxi Lotus Festival Green Ride
(7) Wugu Wetland Eco Joyride Cycle
(8) Houtong Sandiaoling Station Joyride Cycle
(9) Wanli Yehlui Geopark Cycle
(10) Linshan Cape Recreation Area Cycle

Strict Selection of Bright Spots