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Creative Cycling Routes


9-Day Fun Tour of Taiwan Grade:4

  • Path Length 912 km
  • Ideal for Good Friends ,LOHAS Athletes
  • Grade Warrior's
  • Embrace, walk on, and feel beautiful island Formosa

Travel Daily Information

Set off from Xindian MRT station
The views of the Taiwan Straits are very different from those in East Taiwan and have more human influence. This section of the route takes riders closer to the Taiwan Straits than any other, along the way taking in small fishing harbor settlements and countryside scenery of north Taiwan.


Recommended Scenic Spots

A Presidential Town(Tourism Towns )
A Presidential Town(Tourism Towns )
  • Daxi Township, Taoyuan County
  • 886-2-2349-1500
Daxi is closely linked to the history and memory of Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo, former presidents of the ROC, and has a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered. For the traveler, this picturesque, centuries-old town offers historic buildings, trails, cultural activities, wood sculpture, and delicious food. It also offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities for relaxation. Daxi has been a hub for travelers for over a century. It is the starting point of the Northern Cross-Island Highway. Setting out from Daxi, travelers can experience a variety of scenic attractions and aboriginal culture. The town is also highly accessib. A Presidential Town(Tourism Towns ) read more
Daxi Old Street
Daxi Old Street
  • Heping Old Street, Zhongshan Old Street, Zhongyang Old Street, Daxi Township, Taoyuan County

In the old days, the Tamsui River was navigable all the way inland to Daxi . The dock was where the old Heping Road runs today, and from Qing Dynasty times this has been the town's business area. In addition to the traditional wooden furniture shops, on the Old Street today you can still see the old businesses the making of Daxi's famous dried bean curd, iron mongering, and stone working. The street was formed during the period of Japanese occupation (1895-1945) and the shops have Japanese baroque-style washed stone façades that are beautifully decorated with intricate carvings of birds, animals, flowers, and plants. The name of the establishment is written.

Daxi Old Street read more
Chenghuang(City God) Temple, Hsinchu
Chenghuang(City God) Temple, Hsinchu
  • No.75, Zhongshan Rd., North Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

In 1891, the Qing court’s Celestial Master predicted that a big disaster would occur and, at the suggestion of local gentry, chose Chenghuang Temple at Hsinchu as the site of the disaster elimination ceremony; so the temple was designated a provincial- level Chanchiang temple, the only one in Taiwan at the time.The wood carvings in the temple were done by master Wang Yi-shun and are well worth a look.

Chenghuang(City God) Temple, Hsinchu read more