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East coast village leisurely bike tour Grade:1

East coast village leisurely bike tour 1
  • Path Length 66 km
  • Ideal for Happy Family ,Romantic Lovebirds ,Good Friends
  • Grade Leisurely
  • Tranquility, scenic spots, genuine aborigine feelings

Travel Daily Information

Assembly point: 12.30 pm, Taitung train station 
Prepare your gear and set off by bus for Donghes, Marongarong Village; after arriving start the east coast tour.

Recommended Scenic Spots

  • Donghe Vil., Donghe Township, Taitung County
  • 886-89-841520

Marongarong is at the mouth of Mawuku River in Donghe. It faces the Pacific and has a backdrop of cloud-shrouded mountains. Here is the legendary Formosa that Western missionaries talked of.

※  Marongarong Culture Development Association, Donghe Township Taitung County:

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Take a bamboo raft around Emperor Rocks
  • 132K, Provincial Highway 11

Paddle upstream under the arch of beautiful old Donghe Bridge. The Emperor Rocks look like a group of white islands. As you pass between the rocks you will merge with the mountains and waters of the east coast. This activity is also the village’s sacred coming of age ritual.

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Leisurely village bike tour
  • No.25 Xincun Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County 961, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Search for treasure in the mountain forest, walk across Celestial Bridge, see macaques; go back in time through Xiama Tunnel, then pass through the tranquil and uncomplicated village. Take a walk to Jinzun’s Baisha (White Sand) Bay and enjoy some leisurely and romantic afternoon time.

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Dinner in a village house
  • 132K, Provincial Highway 11

To enjoy natural aboriginal village food, visit the east coast!