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Penghu Cycle Tour Grade:1

Penghu basalt
  • Path Length 100km
  • Ideal for Healthy Elderly ,Romantic Lovebirds ,Good Friend
  • Grade Leisurely
  • Beautiful chrysanthemum islands, seafood, ancient houses, outlying island charm, singing of “Granny’s Penghu Bay.

Travel Daily Information

Take a flight or boat to Penghu

1. Exotic guesthouse and wave watching at Shanshui Beach (County Road 204, turn onto 201 and then County Road 26
2. Set off for the coastal route (follow County Road 201)
3. Shitli Beach: Rest, have simple lunch
4. Listen to the waves at Fenggui Blowholes
5. Enjoy the sunset at Mt. Shetou Mountain.
Return to Magong, then enjoy delicious local Penghu seafood BBQ. After eating, ride back to your hotel.

Recommended Scenic Spots

Shihli Beach
Shihli Beach
  • Shili, Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Shihli Beach is situated on Fongguei Peninsula, down the south end of Magong City, the beach on the southwest side extends over 1km, it is a sand beach of scale in Penghu, as well as the most beautiful lido in Penghu, comparable even against Waikiki in Hawaii; enjoyments including soft white sand, sun bathing, water activities, and snorkeling; in the future, water activities including water-skiing, parasailing and water motorcycle.

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Fongguei Cave
Fongguei Cave
  • Fengguiwei, Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Fengguei is the most remote fish village on the journey through southern Penghu, and as a result of the many changes which have taken place in the seaside cliffs as a result of the incessant incursions of the tide, natural trenches and boreholes have formed; every time the east wind adds to the tides, the tidal waters enter the trenches, and the boreholes make a sound comparable to that of an earthquake, after which spray is thrown a few meters out of the boreholes, for which they are named in Chinese.

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