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Creative Cycling Routes

9-Day Fun Tour of TaiwanEmbrace, walk on, and feel beautiful island Formosa
Total Distance (KM) 912 km GradeWarrior's By GroupGood FriendsLOHAS Athletes
11-day Tour of TaiwanFrom mountain to coast, to the edges of the real Taiwan
Total Distance (KM)1,050 km GradeChallenger's By GroupGood FriendsLOHAS Athletes
Challenging the Highest Road in Taiwan Wuling Battle the king of mountains and climb to the highest point on any road in Taiwan, 3275 meters.
Total Distance (KM)128km GradeSporty By GroupLOHAS Athletes
Riding Through the East Rift Valley- Charming Mountains and Sea (riding north)Distinctive Tour of East Rift Valley Pearl Scenic Spots
Total Distance (KM)205Km GradeSporty By GroupGood FriendsLOHAS Athletes
Kending leisurely tourThe country’s southern trip, the charm of the Hengchun Peninsula, secret paths all around.
Total Distance (KM)132 km GradeSporty By GroupHappy FamilyHealthy ElderlyRomantic Lovebird
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