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Challenging the Highest Road in Taiwan Wuling

Battle the king of mountains and climb to the highest point on any road in Taiwan, 3275 meters.


Prepare the bike, set off:

1. Ride along Provincial Highway 8
2. Pass Xibao Elementary School. After renovation it has become a beautiful green building with an open campus.  
3. Xinbaiyang, C’ien and Bulu have rest stops and places to buy food and drink.
4. Take care when riding down Jinma (Bilu) Tunnel’s steep slope.
5. There are no lights in the tunnel. Riders must turn on their bike light and take off their sunglasses.
6. Get ready to cycle up to the highest point on any road in Taiwan tomorrow.

Recommended scenic spots

  • AddressTownship 97253 Hualien County Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Tianxiang is a large river terrace recreational area in Taroko National Park. Dasha River and Taci Jili River converge at Tianxiang to become Liwu River. The Sakuma Samata Shrine was erected here during the Japanese Era (1895-1945). When the Central Cross-Island Highway reached here Wen Tian Xiang Park was built at the top of the terrace. On the north-western side is the Tianxiang Youth Activity Center (Youth Hostel) and a Catholic Church is next to it. The original lovely Pudu suspension bridge was reconstructed into concrete in 2003 due to the safety reasons. At one end it has a tall White Robed Guanyin Statue. The 7-story high Tian Feng Pagoda, Giant Statute of the Bodhisattva, Xiangde Temple, and, in 1968, Daxiong Baodian temple, have been built on the terrace and have become popular spots for visitors and worshipers.
This area has large parking space, recreational Plum Garden, and the 5 star hotel-Silks Place Taroko. This is the only 5 star hotel in Taroko National Park. Tianxiang More News