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Challenging the Highest Road in Taiwan Wuling

Battle the king of mountains and climb to the highest point on any road in Taiwan, 3275 meters.


Prepare the bike, set off:

1. Ride along Provincial Highway 8 and turn onto Provincial Highway 14 A.
2. From Guanyuan’s 2374 meter elevation, ride the roughly 15- kilometer distance up to Wuling at 3275 meters, passing Mt. Hehuan.
3. The scenery above 3000 m is stunning
4. Don’t ride too fast downhill from Wuling to Qingjing Farm; savor the beautiful scenery, and take care!

Recommended scenic spots

Cingjing Farm
Cingjing Farm
  • AddressNO. 170, Renhe Rd., Datong Village, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan(R. O. C.)
  • Tel886-49-2802748
Passing native forests, through towering gorges, you can immerse yourself in the fresh air and the scenic wild greenery of the Qingjing Veterans Farm.The Qingjing Veterans Farm is situated at the Renai Township of Nantou County,8 km north of Wushe Section, Tai 14A Route of Central Cross-Island Highway in Central Taiwan.It has been opened to public since February 20th, 1961;its altitude is 1,750 meters above the sea. The weather is generally mild all year round. In the months from May to September, the temperatures averages between 15℃ and 23℃. The Farm produces various kinds of fruits including: peaches, pears, plums,and kiwi fruit.
Facilities in the Farm include: the Tourist Center, the Green Green Grasslands, the Small Swiss Garden, the Recreation Center for visitors, the Shoushan Park, the Guest House and a Stock Nurturing Center. Cingjing Farm More News

Road map

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