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 2018 騎遇東北角

2018 Northeastern Cape Cycling Encounter

活動簡介:Event description:




Start your journey on a bike from The Dunes in Zhuangwei and enjoy the beautiful scenery along Yilan’s coastal cycling path, where you can see the Pacific Ocean and Guishan Island. A dune market and dune concert will also be held so that tourists can experience the unique, slow-paced way of life at the dunes in Zhuangwei, as well as enjoy its natural beauty.

活動時間:2018 10

Date of event: October 2018


Suitable for: Tourists from Taiwan and abroad; cycling enthusiasts

騎乘路線:Cycling route:



The Dunes→Houpi Community→Lanyang River Mouth Water Bird Conservation Area→The Dunes


甫於今年4 月開幕的壯圍沙丘旅遊服務園區,由名建築師黃聲遠及導演蔡明亮共同





The Dunes, which was inaugurated in April 2018, is a space of crafty sand dunes and sand burrows designed by famous architect Huang, Sheng-Yuan and director Tsai Ming-liang. This is the best spot to enjoy the sunrise of Guishan Island. At night, you can see the mystical moon rising. Geographically, the Dunes is connected to a series of coastal scenic spots from north to south, including Waiao Service Area, Wushi Port, Dakeng Observation Deck, Yongbin Coastal Leisure Area, Houpi, Donggang Banyan Park, and the National Center for Traditional Arts, which are all great spots to visit.




Administration of Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area





2018 年暢遊竹縣健騎趣

2018 Hsinchu County Cycling Fun

活動簡介:Event description:

( ) 親子樂活遊 (1) Fun time together with family

以兒童為主的親子自行車體驗活動,讓孩童能在父母的陪伴下扎根自行車相關教育,奠定良好基礎。活動預計提供80 組親子名額,會場結合在地文化特色DIY 活動(如擂茶、柿染DIY)或表演活動、兒童趣味競賽,增加活動參與及趣味性。

This family cycling event is specifically designed for kids so that they can learn about cycling and become well acquainted with bikes while being accompanied by their parents. The event is expected to attract 80 family groups. Special DIY activities with local characteristics, such as Hakka tea-making and persimmon dyeing, will take place on site. Furthermore, performances and fun competitions for kids make the overall event even more engaging and attractive.

( ) 共下乘風遊竹縣 (2) Bike around Hsinchu along with the wind


Tourists can enjoy a very different travel experience by biking along the completed coastal and mountain cycling tracks in Hsinchu County. The well-constructed tracks and the biking event are specifically designed for bike tourism and offer the perfect ground for accessing local travel experiences. Tourists will get souvenirs, certificates of completion, and awards and can also enjoy performances on stage and participate in the raffle.

活動時間:2018 10 Time of event: October 201

參加對象:Suitable for:


Tourists from Taiwan and abroad; cycling enthusiasts

騎乘路線:Cycling route:


田新路新關路五埔段→ 118 縣道中山


山路16 縣道→ 118 縣道田新路


Start from Arts and Culture Plaza in Xinpu Township, Hsinchu County (tentative) →Tianxin Road→Wupu section of Xinguan Road→County Highway No. 118→Zhongshan East Road→Zhongfeng Road Sec. 1→Datong Road→Zhengyi Road→Zhongshan Road→County Highway No. 16→County Highway No. 118→Tianxin Road→Arts and Culture Plaza in Xinpu Township



Enjoy a laid-back and healthy weekend on bikes with your kids. This event not only promotes cycling education, but also gives more people the opportunity to fall in love with cycling and creates a low-carbon easy travel trend.




Tourism and Marketing Division, Department of Transportation and Tourism, Hsinchu County Government

03-5518101#2754 張小姐Ms. Chang





Siraya Flying Car Event

活動簡介:Event description:

結合趣味性發揮創意製造專屬的無動力車輛,在1 條近400 公尺之賽道上競速及突破障礙,是一場僅靠下坡自然動力而前進的駕車活動,比造型、比膽識、比速度、更比觀眾人氣度!活動內容原則上分2 階段進行,第1 階段為競圖(評其安全性及可製造性),第2 階段為現場表演。

In this fun event, participants make their own engineless cars using their own imagination before joining a racing competition and obstacle course on a racing track nearly 400 meters long. This racing event relies on downhill momentum alone.  Competition criteria include car appearance, courage, intelligence, speed, and also popularity! The event will take in two phases: the first phase is the blueprint competition (where safety and manufacturing feasibility are evaluated); the second phase is the actual performance.

活動時間:Date of event:

2018 11 25 November 25th, 2018

參加對象:Suitable for:

只要你有創意、有想法、夠熱血,就趕緊組團報名吧!每隊最多4 名成員,須有一名駕駛,並視各隊需求,可增加副駕駛。每台車最多可乘載2 名成員(正副駕駛)其餘成員將為後勤隊。

If you feel that you are creative, full of ideas, and passionate about the competition, then team up quickly! Each team is allowed a maximum of four members, including one driver. A co-driver may be included depending on the team’s needs. No more than two members are allowed inside each car (driver and co-driver). The rest of the team shall act as supporting personnel.

騎乘路線:Riding route:

走馬瀨農場(臺南市大內區二溪里唭子瓦60 號)內,將近400 公尺搭配農場牧草球與在地特色的設計賽道。

Nearly 400 meters of specially designed racing tracks with local characteristics (and hay stacks) on Tsou Ma Lai Farm (Address: No. 60, Qiziwa, Erxili, Danei District, Tainan City)


總獎金達45 萬元!各團隊依出場順序,將造型車推上起跑台,進行30秒車輛介紹(含影音),隨後開始刺激的冒險旅程!後勤成員運用起跑台坡度力量、將載著正(副)駕駛的造型車推下賽道,背負著團隊的使命,闖過佈滿荊棘的挑戰,即可完成賽事,晉升為臺灣「南波萬」!

A total of NT$450,000 in prizes is on offer! Each team takes turns by pushing their cars to the starting line before giving a 30-second introduction about their cars (including video). Then it’s show time! Pushed by supporting personnel, gravity will take the car, along with its driver (and co-driver, if any), down the hill’s track. The mission will be accomplished if the car can overcome the challenges on the track- and become Taiwan’s “Number One”!



西拉雅國家風景區管理處Administration of Siraya National Scenic Area

06-684-0337 分機ext. 231





2018 八卦山脈

美利達盃& 單車嘉年華

2018 Bagua Mountain Range Merida Cup & Bike Festival


Event description:

1.(非競賽性質)長距離單車自我挑戰(約92 公里)

(Non-competition) Long-distance self-challenge cycling (about 92 km)

2.(非競賽性質)逍遙遊體驗騎(約20 公里)

(Non-competition) Relaxing getaway ride (about 20 km)


(Competition) Merida Mountain Bike Competition

4. 電動自行車& 2019 新車展示

E-Bike and 2019 New Bike Exhibition

5. 2019 國內外零組件精品大展

2019 Bike Parts and Components Exhibition

6. 趣味競賽、摸彩等精彩活動

Great events, fun competitions, and raffles

活動時間:Date of event:

2018 9 29 September 29th, 2018

活動地點:Location of event:

彰化縣溪州鄉溪州公園苗木區(位在溪洲公園東南約3 公里,參考地址:彰化縣溪州鄉苗專二路251 號)

Seedling Area of Xizhou Park, Xizhou Township, Changhua County (located about 3 km southeast of Xizhou Park, Address: No. 251 Miaozhuan 2nd Road, Xizhou Township, Changhua County)


Suitable for: Tourists from Taiwan and abroad; cycling enthusiasts


為了讓選手騎得更過癮、更開心、更好玩,今年的美利達盃越野登山車賽將首度改採enduro 耐力賽概念的定時計圈制",預定每位選手固定騎乘1 小時,以騎乘圈數的多寡決定勝負排名。

For more excitement and fun for all cyclists, this year, the Merida Cup’s Mountain Bike Competition will adopt a new “Loop-counting” system, which is based on the concept of enduro competition (competition of endurance), for the first time. Rankings are determined based on the number of loops cyclists complete within one hour.



Sports Bank Association, ROC






2018 乘風而騎-遊高雄

2018 Ride along the Wind- A Tour of Kaohsiung


Event description:


Kaohsiung is known for its rich nature and ecology, from quiet forests to majestic harbors; from green fields to meandering coastline; and from ecological wetlands to tranquil lakesides. There are simply all sorts of beauty to be offered. By joining this “Ride along the Wind” cycling event, cyclists from Taiwan and abroad will get a chance to feel Kaohsiung’s myriad and rich humanistic atmosphere through a deep exploration on bikes.

活動時間:Time of event:

2018 10 28 - 彩鳳千人逍遙遊

October 28th, 2018- Thousand Enthusiasts’ Laid-back Trip in the Colorful Fengshan

2018 9 30 - 鳳山舊城文藝之旅

September 30th, 2018- Cultural and Art Tour of the Old Town of Fengshan

2018 10 7 - 大社古厝生態之旅

October 7th, 2018- Ecological Tour of Old Mansions in Dashe


Suitable for: General Public


Cycling route:


The series of events will be held in Kaohsiung City’s Fengshan District and Dashe District. Please go to the official website for route details.




The “Thousand Enthusiasts’ Laid-back Trip in the Colorful Fengshan” event includes touristic elements that touch on the military, historical sites, culture, Mainland Chinese veterans villages, and temples;




“Cultural and Art Tour of the Old Town of Fengshan” and “Ecological Tour of Old Mansions in Dashe” not only include guided tours by local associations, but also take guests to taste delicious local food and experience DIY events with local characteristics.




Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government






Cycling Fun on Taitung’s Cycling Tracks

活動簡介:Event description:

透過無縫接駁方式,派車接駁遊客到各據點騎車,鼓勵旅客以自行車造訪臺東特色景點。本年度活動特別以自行車道為主軸,串聯在地特色餐飲、慢食店家、DIY 體驗活動等,讓國內外旅客深度體驗臺東之美,愛上臺東。

In this seamless transportation event that aims to boost Taitung’s tourism by bike, tourists are shuttled by car to various scenic spots where they can then enjoy cycling. This year’s annual event focuses on cycling tracks and boasts a variety of local dining, LOHAS stores, and DIY events so that tourists from Taiwan and abroad can appreciate the beauty of Taitung, and fall in love with the city.

活動時間:2018 9 1 -10 15

Date of event: September 1st – October 15th, 2018


Suitable for: General public

騎乘路線:Cycling route:


Dawu Jinfeng Sky Road, Jingang Avenue in Changbin, Chenggong, and getaway trip in the Baosang Rift Valley



嘉蘭部落祈福迎賓、南方以南南迴藝術計畫、阿美族民俗中心歌舞展演、富山漁業資源保育區生態體驗、長濱金剛大道絕美秘境、美濃有機咖啡園文化體驗與DIY 等。

Join the Jialang Tribe’s welcome blessing and prayer, take a look at the South of South- the South-Link Art Program, enjoy traditional dances and performances at the Amis Tribe Folk Culture Center, experience the ecology at Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area, visit the supremely beautiful Jingang Avenue in Changbin, and experience the coffee culture at Meinong organic coffee plantation through DIY activities.




Tourism Department, Taitung County Government

089-326141 分機ext. 362




2018 海灣年


2018 Year of the Bay

Trip of Dreams and Fulfillment on Bike

活動簡介:Event description:

1.     澎湖「花火節」活動

Penghu International Fireworks Festival

2.     探索地質人文之旅

A humanities trip that will have you exploring Penghu’s geology

3.     各地古蹟深度導覽

 In-depth guided tour of historical sites

活動時間:Date of event:

A. 第一梯次:Session 1:

2018 4 26 - 2018 5 1

April 26th, 2018 – May 1st, 2018

為日期6 6 days

B. 第二梯次:Session 2:

2018 11 10 - 2018 11 15

November 10th -15th , 2018


6 days


Suitable for:

1.     手搖車環島騎士:30

Round-the-island tour for hand-cyclists: 30 people

2.     單車環島車友:30

Round-the-island tour for average cyclists: 30 people


Cycling routes:


Session 1:

海灣年,跨5 島,環騎圓夢之旅

A trip of dream fulfillment that takes cyclists across five islands during the Year of Bay Tourism.

1.     澎湖島湖西鄉- 馬公市古蹟之旅

Huxi Township, Penghu Island- a tour of Magong’s historical sites

2.     北環島之旅:白沙鄉之旅- 西嶼

Northern round-the-island trip: a trip to Baisha Township- Xiyu (Western Islet)

3.     七美島浪漫之旅- 望安地質人文之旅- 澎湖本島南環島之旅

Romantic Trip to Qimei Island- Wangan geology and humanities trip- Southern round-the-island trip of Penghu’s main island


Session 2:


A trip of dream fulfillment that takes cyclists to Formosa (Taiwan) during the Year of Bay Tourism

1.     臺北- 石門水庫- 關西/ 日月潭- 車埕-集集/ 嘉義- 蘭潭- 白河- 烏山頭

Taipei- Shimen Water Dam- Guanxi/Sun Moon Lake- Checheng- Jiji/ Chiayi- Lantan Lake- Baihe- Wushantou

2.     東港- 大鵬灣- 墾丁- 鵝鑾鼻/ 臺東- 加路蘭- 東河- 三仙台- 八仙洞/ 宜蘭

Donggang- Dapengwan- Kenting- Erluanbi/ Taitung- Jialulan- Donghe- Terrace of the Three Immortals- Eight Immortals Cave/ Yilan


3.     草嶺隧道- 福隆- 龍洞- 瑞芳- 臺北

Caoling Tunnel- Fulong- Longdong- Ruifang- Taipei




1. 行程共跨越5 座美麗島嶼:臺灣、澎湖、

萬安、七美及漁翁島。The entire trip takes you across five beautiful islands: Taiwan, Penghu, Wanan, Qimei, and Yuweng.

2. 路程設計搖騎探訪「海岸、溪河及潭灣」

區域之珍珠景點。Exploration of special scenic spots along the “coasts, rivers, lakes, and bays” included in the itinerary.

3. 安排回歸「旅遊兼運動」的環島旨趣,手搖讓視野繼續往前拓展,本著逍遙的心以時速15 公里閱讀臺灣世界級的風景頁面,騎乘於無障礙的路況,邁向人車一體讓身心翱翔。

With the theme of “travel and exercise”, hand-cycling allows you to go on a 15 km/h slow-paced trip to enjoy Taiwan’s world-class landscapes. We encourage everyone to set free their body and mind on these paths.



社團法人生命勵樂活輔健會 Upbeat Living Support Association





2018 第六屆


2018 6th International Cycling Tour de Taiwan for the Hearing Impaired

活動簡介:Event description:

2008 年起每二年舉辦一次,為目前唯一全程環繞臺灣一周之國際多日賽事,也為目前全球聽障自由車賽事最具影響力與最受矚目之賽事。今年更開放聽人組(共十三隊)選拔參加競賽。

Held every two years since 2008, this event is currently the only multi-day international tour de Taiwan competition, as well as the most influential and attention-attracting event among all the world’s cycling events for the hearing impaired. This year, athletes with normal hearing (a total of 13 teams) will be allowed to participate in the competition.

活動時間:2018 11 4-11

Date of event: November 4th-11th , 2018


Suitable for:


Cyclists from Taiwan and abroad, either hearing impaired or not.

騎乘路線:Cycling routes:


8 days 7 nights; a total of 7 competition days

第一站: 臺北市政府~ 基隆市和平島

First leg: Taipei City Government – Heping Island, Keelung

第二站: 桃園市藝文特區~ 臺中市梧棲漁

Second leg: Arts and Cultural District, Taoyuan City – Wuqi Fish Port, Taichung

第三站: 臺中市國家歌劇院~ 臺南市台江國家公園

Third leg: National Taichung Theater – Taijiang National Park, Tainan

第四站:臺南市政府~ 墾丁社頂公園

Fourth leg: Tainan City Government – Sheding Park, Kenting

第五站:墾丁鵝鑾鼻~ 南迴壽卡

Fifth leg: Erluanbi, Kenting – Shouka, South-Link Highway

第六站: 臺東縣臺灣史前博物館~ 花蓮遠雄海洋公園

Sixth leg: National Museum of Prehistory, Taitung – Farglory Ocean Park, Hualien

第七站: 宜蘭傳統藝術中心~ 太平山國家森林遊樂區

National Center for Traditional Arts, Yilan – Taipingshan National Forest Recreational Area



The only multi-day tour de Taiwan international competition seen in Taiwan.


TSLD 臺灣運動產業發展協會

Taiwan Sports Industry Development Association