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Central-Houfong Bicycle Trail, Bicycle Greenway, Dongfong, Taichung

accessible toilets
Houfong Bicycle Trail, Bicycle Greenway, Dongfong, Taichung

Biking path info

Location:Taichung City (Houli, Fengyuan, Shigang, Dongshi District)

Whether this route has accessible toilets: Yes

Whether this route has bollards: Yes

Whether the bollards are movable: some bollards are movable

Route features

Dongfong Bicycle Greenway:
The trail passes through Fongyuan, Shigang and Dongshi in Taichung. This is the first bicycle trail adapted from an old rain track in Taiwan.
The old train track has completed its mission of the last era. Today, it serves as a beautiful bicycle trail. Along the way, visitors can explore countryside views and the Hakka culture.

Houfong Bicycle Trail:
Formerly an old mountain train line, the trail leads visitors into the past of the Taiwan Railways.
Houfong Bicycle Trail, which crosses Dajia River, is connected to Dongfong Bicycle Greenway. The two paths are 18km in total and they exude nostalgic cultural charm.


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