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East-Shishang Dapo Pond (Canal Circle Line) & Blue Line Bicycle Trail, Taitung

accessible toilets
Shishang Dapo Pond (Canal Circle Line) & Blue Line Bicycle Trail, Taitung

Biking path info

Location:Chishang Township, Taitung County

Whether this route has accessible toilets: Yes

Whether this route has bollards: Yes

Whether the bollards are movable: some bollards are movable

Route features

Chishang Bicycle Trail (Canal Circle Line): Dapo Pond is believed to be the spiritual foundation of Chishang. An old Bayan tree that grows by the pond is said to be the town’s guardian angel. If you ever take a rest under its shades, you may feel safe and protected as if embraced by an elderly in your family. Why not take a leisurely ride to take some rest here.

Blue Line Bicycle Trail: The trail features quiet, idyllic scenery. There is a giant watermill in midway, and during farming months professional farming machines can be spotted in nearby fields. At the Chishang Inlet near the end of the bicycle trail are terraced fish ponds, riverbank landscapes and pavilions. Unlike the farm views in the previous sections of the trail, the views here manifest the features of water canals.