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Information Security Policy


Privacy Policy

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting TAIWAN CYCLING FESTIVAL Portal ( Please be assured that absolutely respects your right to personal privacy and that we will do our best to protect it. To help you understand how protects your online rights, please read through the following information carefully:

What this Privacy Policy Covers

The following Privacy Policy is applicable to the collection, use and protection of all personal information provided when you use the website, but does not cover government agencies that our website links to. All websites that is linked to have their own Privacy Policy, and shall bear no joint responsibility for these sites. When you connect to these websites, the protection of your personal information is covered by the site's own privacy policy.

On the Collection of Personal Data

1. Simply browsing or downloading files from the website does not result in the collection of personally identifiable data by this website.

2. When using services provided by the website such as "Cyclist travel notes" and "Bicycle discussion", our website will request that you provide relevant up-to-date and accurate personal information such as your name, telephone number and e-mail. This information will only be used for the specified event and will not be used for other purposes by this website.

3. It is the obligation of to protect the privacy of each subscriber. We will not modify or delete any personal data or files without your consent except in one of the following circumstances:
    A. Actions are taken that violate the terms of service for this website, such as swearing or personal attacks in "Cyclist travel notes" or "Bicycle discussion".
    B. To protect or defend personal rights or ownership.
    C. To protect the rights of agencies associated with this website.

Rules Governing Use of Information from Our Website

Copyright of all information used in the Bureau’s website (including graphics and text) belongs to this Bureau (except for external websites that our website links to). Before citing any information from our website, or creating a link to any page of our website, please contact us by dialing +886-2-2349-1500 for approval.

Inquiries about our Privacy Statement

If you should have any questions about the website's Privacy Statement, please feel free to contact us.