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Creative Cycling Routes


9-Day Fun Tour of Taiwan Grade:4

Embrace, walk on, and feel beautiful island Formosa

Path Length: 912 km

Ideal for: Good Friends LOHAS Athletes

11-day Tour of Taiwan Grade:3

From mountain to coast, to the edges of the real Taiwan

Path Length:1,050 km

Ideal for: Good Friends LOHAS Athletes

Challenging the Highest Road in Taiwan Wuling Grade:2

Battle the king of mountains and climb to the highest point on any road in Taiwan, 3275 meters.

Path Length:128km

Ideal for: LOHAS Athletes

Riding Through the East Rift Valley- Charming Mountains and Sea (riding north) Grade:2

Distinctive Tour of East Rift Valley Pearl Scenic Spots

Path Length:205Km

Ideal for: Good Friends LOHAS Athletes

Kending leisurely tour Grade:2

The country’s southern trip, the charm of the Hengchun Peninsula, secret paths all around.

Path Length:132 km

Ideal for: Happy Family Healthy Elderly Romantic Lovebird