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Cycling Routes


Ride in Yuwengdao Geopark Grade:2

Island Hopping Tours : Penghu Great Bridge 、 Erkan Village is the best-preserved residential 、the most magnificent columnar basalt and the oldest lighthouse. The long march of riding in one day ,you can gain so much.

Path Length:80KM

Ideal for: Happy Family Healthy Elderly Good Friends LO

Leisurely Tour in Goden Coast Landscape Grade:1

Thorough fishing village, sea cliff and tranquil beach, and even walk barefoot along the beach is a journey to be savored and deeply appreciate each step of the way.

Path Length:50KM

Ideal for: Happy Family Good Friends LOHAS Athletes

Fuqing Bike Path Grade:0

Following the completion of the Zhushan power plant, the Fuqing Bike Path has been extended from Qingshui to Zhuluo, offering an easy ride for cyclists.

Path Length:800m

Ideal for: Happy Family Healthy Elderly Romantic Lovebird